One crazy summer update

It’s been a while since we’ve posted! We are now in 20 amazing stores of all shapes and sizes. Throughout the summer, we’ve met a lot of interesting and passionate folks!

We sold a whopping 460 copies of Ottawa in Colour!

We’ve also been keeping busy while trying our best to stay organized.

Notably, we’ve had artist signings at a few Ottawa Chapters and Coles stores, completed a custom order with Tourism Ottawa, got to see some amazing coloured art (we get awed every time we see a new one), survived the Canada Post strike scare, continued filling up posters on Canada Day, did some colouring ourselves, met a bunch of new organizations, signed up for the Freewheeling Christmas Indie Craft Pop-up, lined-up for East Feast, and finally donated books. Overall it’s really nice to see such an active and colourful community in Ottawa.

We’ve made a cool map of store near you to facilitate finding the book (oooh it’s interactive). We are also having a celebratory promotion with free shipping until September 15th (discount code: FreeShipping).

Finally, we sold a whopping 460 copies of Ottawa in Colour! We would like to sincerely thank those who have supported us, be it by endorsement, word of mouth or purchasing books. It’s been a truly humbling experience filled with discoveries.